Mirkan Emir Sandzak: Revamping technological industry with NutzenTech

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Being inspired by the technology, Mirkan Emir Sandzak, Co-founder and CEO of NutzenTech, is directing his business on the path of sustainable development. He states, “The basis of NutzenTech company is to produce technologies in order to leave a more sustainable life and nature to the world and humanity. In addition, using an infrastructure that will protect nature while producing these technologies is one of the sources that inspire us.”

Behind the scenes

Born to a Serbian family, Mirkan was raised in Istanbul, Turkey. He completed his schooling at E.C.A Elginkan High School and went on to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Gebze Technical University. He states, “My article on algae technologies (GreenTech) received the 500th reference. As a result of my success, I was entitled to receive expertise in Harvard University on Climate Change. After this development, I entered Anadolu University Business Administration Department to prepare myself for the business world. Then, as a result of my success in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, I was entitled to study Entrepreneurship at the University of Pennsylvania.”

He founded the Environment Association in 2018, and for the sustainability of the environmental ecosystem, 10,000 trees have been planted so far, and 50,000 hungry animals have been saturated. It organizes activities to increase environmental awareness.

After this, he undertook the position of CEO within another startup, Qaroco. With these roles, he gained valuable experience and researched deep insights into the industry. So, in 2019, by laying the foundations of NutzenTech, starting with the technical partners, he took the seed investment of the enterprise and started the research & development process.

He adds, “The technology is an invaluable friend to save the future of our only home, our Earth. However, it is entirely up to us to use this technology, which we have as humanity, for the sustainable future of nature and humanity. Being a successful company that creates technology and determines indexes in the entrepreneurship ecosystem with the passion for creating a more sustainable life and nature for the world and humanity has been a sub-goal that helped me achieve my biggest passion and goal.”

Hurdles along the way

While laying the foundation, Mirkan and his team knew that the road was not going to be totally smooth. However, they tuned through the challenges and gained valuable experience.

The startups with the highest investment capacity in the entrepreneurship ecosystem are those with SaaS products. For this reason, investments and rapid growth opportunities always prioritize startups in this category. Unfortunately, due to high R&D expenses, time, and operation in their ecosystem, everyone looks at hardware initiatives from a single step away.

He states, “The most valuable information I have learned in the face of this situation is that an investor is not only investing money in your startup and then exiting but also shaping himself and his business life in line with your vision. In an environment where the purpose is common, success will come naturally.”

Revamping the industry with NutzenTech

Both B2B and B2G industries have witnessed a lot of changes in the past ten years. Earlier, businesses were creating end-user-oriented products. For this reason, products have always been introduced, but the problems caused by these products or the benefits that arise from the combination of the products have never been addressed.

The aforementioned industries either destroyed this perception and identified the problems themselves or, on the contrary, brought together the benefits that can arise from the combination of products and presented them to businesses and governments. This change has helped businesses and governments to increase the success of sales in order to be more satisfied with the end-user they are in contact with and thus by increasing customer satisfaction.

NutzenTech is a green-technology startup that provides data and technology-focused B2B and B2G solutions to customers to improve their environmental footprint.

He states, “Our company brings together the young minds of the ecosystem and ensures the emergence of dynamic, fast, and successful projects at the same time. While planning our work, we especially set the goals in detail and monitor these goals carefully on a weekly, monthly basis. Besides, our biggest secret is sincerity. When our teammates come to work in the company, we try to make them feel like they are coming to their families’ home rather than a business environment. In this way, we can make everyone work more and, what is important, we can create a productive environment during this work.”

Both their software and hardware technologies are produced within the company. Their young and dynamic team uses their knowledge reserves while producing these technologies. In addition, as a company, they personally welcome everyone to take the course they want in the field they want. This enables them to specialize in the field they want and to contribute to the company in their areas of specialization.

Life as Co-founder and CEO of the company

Taking the onus of the roles, he is working on the management of all business within their company. He adds, “I have been working on verticals, which are important for the future of our company, such as team management, sales, marketing, customer development, business development, and follow-up of technical issues. Our motivation to work comes from thinking about the benefits we will add to our world and humanity from the work we do throughout the day. In this context, we ensure that we improve our vision throughout the day by rethinking and rethinking our vision every morning when we get up from our beds and come to the office.”

He believes that to stand their ground in the capricious corporate market, it is crucial to set definite goals and assess the reach of their competitors. For this, the team carries a deep study of the market and assesses their position with the other alternative solutions. Once the research is complete, the prime thing is to attract customers with the sharpest arrows in the quiver. He expresses that the team performs everything perfectly and is paving the way to the top in the market.

Future plans for the company

Currently, they have taken their place in the drone industry market. They will carry out more detailed and precise studies about their analysis results by solving the needs of their customers who work in the market and use their product and by improving the content of the drones, software, or platforms they produce for them.

Mirkan states, “In this way, we continue our efforts to use 7 solutions in the 7 industries we target and to ensure customer satisfaction by leaving all these solutions unmanned with problems. In the next year, we will bring our own perspective to the issue of environmental data analysis by making our product actively usable in the UK and later the American markets, which is our first step abroad.”