Striking the Chords of Success: Tonya Turrell’s Visionary Leadership in IT Procurement and Innovation

Top 10 Empowering Women Leaders to Follow in 2024

Meet Tonya Turrell, the visionary behind The Launchpad, who is recognized as one of the “Top 10 Empowering Women Leaders to Follow in 2024.” As the Founder, CEO, and Chief Inspiration Officer of this organization, she believes that “success is a multifaceted concept that includes but goes beyond financial achievement and achievement of goals; it’s a reflection of inner fulfillment, happiness, growth, and alignment with one’s purpose.” Tonya underscores the significance of recognizing one’s values and envisioning the ultimate life path, urging individuals to reach, grow, and unfold into their fullest potential.

In her current role, Tonya is dedicated to expanding The Launchpad’s visibility and brand recognition. Much of her time is invested in networking and engaging with investors. As a seasoned executive, she oversees the transformation from her previous agency-based business model to the new Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Tonya actively develops and optimizes all necessary processes and systems throughout this transition. She focuses on ensuring a seamless scaling process for the SaaS business, aligning the right individuals with appropriate roles, and maintaining brand cohesion with the overarching vision to propel the company toward its objectives.

In today’s cover story, we will further explore the narrative of Tonya Turrell, a compelling example of how resilience, hard work, and a determined commitment to overcoming challenges can lead to success. With exceptional mentorship and solid support, she has sparked significant change in the technology and IT solutions world, inspiring those looking to emulate her path.

Decoding Dreams and Aspirations

During her childhood, Tonya didn’t harbor specific career ambitions but envisioned a life marked by a profound sense of purpose and impact. Her desire to challenge the status quo and disrupt established norms was evident early on, even if the exact form of that disruption remained uncertain. Fueled by a passion for creative expression, she found solace in writing, embracing the freedom to “color outside the lines” in school. A natural nonconformist, she consistently sought alternative approaches, unafraid to question and change established conventions. The inclination to explore, learn, and grow has been a constant theme throughout Tonya’s life, laying the foundation for her future initiatives.

Navigating Challenges and Cultivating Growth: Tonya Turrell’s Journey as a Female Leader

In the dynamic entrepreneurship landscape, Tonya faced several challenges that catalyzed her growth as a female leader. One of the transformative experiences was the aftermath of a significant setback in her first business venture initiated in 2003. Following its closure due to a major client’s shift in marketing direction, this young entrepreneur encountered bankruptcy. Instead of succumbing to the weight of failure, she embraced resilience and fostered a mindset essential for overcoming adversity. Reflecting on this period, Tonya emphasizes, “It was a springboard for success,” depicting her ability to consider setbacks as opportunities for growth and evolution. This resilience fueled her subsequent success, leading another business to a multimillion-dollar exit four years later.

Tonya’s career path also encountered the common challenge of confidence and imposter syndrome. Confronting the belief that she needed to be perpetually “more,” she discovered that confidence is not a prerequisite for action but a consequence of taking action. Embracing the philosophy that “confidence comes after taking action,” this business-savvy woman propelled herself forward, stepping into her dreams with courage. By acknowledging that right and “wrong” actions contribute to forward momentum, she not only dismantled the notion of mistakes but also harnessed the power of continuous learning.

The Launchpad and Its Innovative Services

The Launchpad stands out as a leading B2B marketing agency that provides specialized lead generation services for technology companies. A groundbreaking addition to their offerings is the B2B technology matchmaking SaaS marketplace,, introduced in January 2023. This innovative platform functions as a digital marketplace, akin to a dating site, facilitating connections between technology buyers and sellers. Tonya notes: “Think of it as for technology buyers and sellers to connect. We’re at the forefront of transforming the landscape of IT procurement.” 

The core mission of The Launchpad is to redefine the landscape of IT procurement, placing them at the forefront of industry transformation. Their services and platform cater to both IT buyers and technology partners, presenting a novel and efficient strategy for “B2B technology matchmaking.: Notably, the platform empowers IT buyers by enabling precise searches based on their specific needs, budgets, and preferences. Departing from conventional lead generation models, The Launchpad shifts the focus from vendors to IT buyers, fostering direct connections between technology partners and actively searching IT buyers. The result is a generation of high-value leads that foster meaningful connections and drive conversions, marking The Launchpad as an innovative force in IT procurement.

Overcoming Setbacks: Lessons in Resilience and Continuous Progress

Both setbacks and triumphs have marked Tonya’s entrepreneurial journey. Facing bankruptcy could have been a devastating blow, but it became a catalyst for growth for her. Instead of succumbing to fear, she swiftly transformed it into a springboard for success. Closing her first business on a Friday, Tonya courageously established a new one the following Monday, embodying the spirit of a determined and forward-moving entrepreneur. Her ability to concentrate on her goals and take decisive action in the face of adversity has been a key factor in her success. These roadblocks served as valuable lessons, propelling her personal growth and shaping the trajectory of The Launchpad, reinforcing the importance of continuous action and a forward-thinking mindset in overcoming hindrances.

Tonya’s Impact on the Industry: A Rollercoaster Journey of Growth and Success

Reflecting on her journey as a woman in leadership, Tonya Turrell, the Founder, CEO, and Chief Inspiration Officer of The Launchpad, has significantly contributed to positioning the company as an industry leader. The impressive three-year revenue growth of 3,900% and a notable ranking at number 123 on the 2023 Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies underscore The Launchpad’s influence in the space. She characterizes, “So far, the journey has been a rollercoaster” marked by constant learning, growth, and continuous up-leveling. The company’s roster of top-tier clientele, including technology giants like Microsoft, IBM, Apple, HP, NVIDIA, and Dell, and prominent names on the IT customer side such as Disney, Verizon, CVS, and BP, speaks volumes about its industry impact. Tonya views life and entrepreneurship as a spiral, where “each day, each key learning, each failure, and each success” contribute to an ongoing upward trajectory. She finds immense satisfaction in the sensation accompanying making a fresh ascent in the journey, reaching a point of full-circle realization.

Empowering the Next Generation: Vision for Women’s Leadership

This seasoned entrepreneur and advocate for women’s empowerment believes in shaping the future by inspiring resilience and fostering transformation in the next generation of women. She emphasizes the importance of sharing personal stories, including both challenges and triumphs, to illustrate that overcoming adversity can lead to profound growth. Tonya’s mantra is captured in her statement, “Helping them to understand and embrace that their essence is their superpower in business so that they can reach inside and pull out what they authentically have to share with the world is exactly what the world needs.” Recognizing the significance of strong female leaders in business, she passionately advocates for the entrepreneurial spirit among women, asserting that women-led businesses are more profitable and essential for creating a better world. Tonya actively participates in women’s business communities and networking groups, fostering an environment where experiences are shared, lessons are learned, and women uplift one another. This veteran exec aims to leave a lasting impact on the next generation through her social media presence, empowering them to realize their full potential and make a unique mark on the world. Reflecting on her past role as a business coach, she fondly recalls witnessing the unstoppable force that emerged in women when they tapped into their power. In Tonya’s perspective, empowering women will pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future.

Life Before The Launchpad and Pinnacle Accomplishments

Before founding The Launchpad, this adept business virtuoso ventured into two businesses—a learning experience from an initial failure and a lucrative success sold after four years. Taking her children out of school, she embraced world-schooling while coaching women entrepreneurs. Tonya’s pinnacle achievement, however, lies in the strategic exit from her second venture, affording five enriching years of global travel with her family. Providing her sons a unique education through travel and offering them her time and presence, she considers this period the most significant contribution to their growth and deems it her greatest achievement.

Tonya’s Strategy for Sustaining Team Morale at The Launchpad

As the Founder, CEO, and Chief Inspiration Officer of The Launchpad, Tonya underscores the crucial role of clearly communicating the organization’s vision to instill alignment and complete commitment among team members. At The Launchpad, everyone has a distinct understanding of what they are building and why. This sagacious businesswoman believes in the magnetic pull of a compelling vision, transcending individual pursuits. Embracing this vision collectively drives the team forward, fostering a sense of direction and inspiring congruent decision-making. Tonya highlights: “This is when synchronicities occur – people and resources show up on your path at exactly the right time.” She emphasizes staying connected to this overarching vision to counteract fear and doubt, leveraging its inspirational force. To keep everyone attuned to the vision, Tonya recommends aligning roles and goals, ensuring everyone has skin in the game with it, and linking financial compensation to completing set milestones.

Harmony and Flow: Tonya’s Approach to Work-Life Integration

Tonya challenges the notion of balance in entrepreneurship, viewing it as a mythical ideal. Her current phase involves dedicating over 80 hours a week to her work, immersed in a building season with an exit strategy in mind. While a single day may appear imbalanced, she advocates for zooming out to comprehend the harmony over a decade. Tonya’s strategy involves intense work periods followed by extended personal pursuits, such as her five years of global travel with family. Currently immersed in a labor-intensive phase, she anticipates another phase of abundant free time post-sale. Rejecting the elusive quest for balance, she emphasizes pursuing harmony and flow, allowing for variations in energy distribution between family, clients, and business. Balancing work and life seamlessly, she champions the idea of work/life integration. For her, the key lies not in adhering to a strict equilibrium but in the fluid intersection of work and life, creating a continuous and fulfilling flow.

A Glimpse into The Launchpad’s Future Roadmap

As The Launchpad charts its course for the future, Tonya provides insights into their strategic plan. Presently engaged in fundraising for their inaugural seed round shares, the team has autonomously financed their SaaS platform’s complete design and development, self-funding more than $2 million to date. Tonya anticipates the software’s MVP launch in early 2024, marking their transition from beta to a scalable phase. To achieve their inaugural milestone of $10 million ARR and 1000 subscribers, external investment becomes essential, aligning with their overarching goal of building the SaaS business for a future exit. These climacterics serve as linchpins in their growth strategy. Looking ahead, this visionary executive envisions evolving into a global marketplace within the next three years, reflecting their ambition to revolutionize technology marketing, procurement, and sales dynamics.

Personal Goal and Message to Aspiring Female Leaders

In the next few years, Tonya anticipates substantial growth for her business, setting a goal to scale and obtain a $100M valuation in the next five yeears and expanding its global footprint. She also aims to establish a robust leadership team to steer the company toward this ambitious target. However, her aspirations extend beyond business success. Tonya plans to launch a podcast and pen a book, all while initiating a foundation dedicated to empowering women rescued from human trafficking. She wants to equip them with practical business skills, offering a path to independence and self-sufficiency. However, her list doesn’t end there. Additionally, she wishes to create an investment fund post-exit, focusing on supporting female founders and reshaping the narrative around funding for women-owned businesses.

Tonya’s advice to aspiring female leaders is both empowering and pragmatic. Embrace your unique journey, she urges, and trust in your immense potential, emphasizing the world’s need for your distinct gifts. “Not your fear. Not your doubts. Not your uncertainties,” she asserts, encouraging women to overcome self-limiting beliefs. She advocates for taking the first step without waiting for confidence or the disappearance of fear, emphasizing that “the next step will appear” once you initiate the journey. Tonya stresses the importance of personal growth in leadership, urging women to cultivate resilience, embrace challenges as opportunities, and build a prosperity consciousness.

Highlighting the communal aspect of leadership, Tonya underlines the significance of supporting other women and sharing success. “Your success will be amplified when it’s shared,” she affirms. She reminds aspiring leaders never to underestimate the power of self-belief and the strength of their vision, reinforcing the idea that they are the creators of their destinies. In Tonya’s worldview, leadership is not just about reaching the summit; it’s about elevating others along the way and contributing unique gifts to the world.