Michael Wong: Helping Businesses in Capitalising their Cloud Investments

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Cloud Computing is one of the primary technologies that have underpinned the world’s economy during the coronavirus pandemic. In 2021, it will be critical for businesses seeking improved scalability, business continuity, and cost-effectiveness. As digital advancements are reaching to its peak, Cloud Computing is becoming the chief addition to it as we can connect everything digitally to Cloud Computing. It’s opened up a whole new universe of opportunities in terms of jobs, apps, services, and platforms. The redesigned Cloud is scalable and adaptable, allowing for data center security and management. The structured procedure and a better manner of processing data will be important aspects of Cloud Computing.

With the aim to empower MSPs to support enterprises on digital transformation, Michael Wong founded OnePro Cloud, a software company that provides seamless solutions and services including Consultation, Development, Implementation, Management, and Support across multiple Cloud platforms.

OnePro Cloud; the Story 

When EMC was acquired by Dell in 2015, Michael felt to find the reason and strategic move of the EMC’s acquisition. And at the same time, he noticed that OpenStack and AWS were heating up in the market quickly. When he got into the study of Cloud Computing against Traditional IT, he realized Cloud would soon become a turning point toward Hybrid IT infrastructure in the future. All these inspired and motivated him to form OnePro Cloud.

Michael is the Founder and CEO of the company and believes, in the Hybrid Cloud environment, it is common that enterprises leverage different services from several providers. He sees the growing need for integration and aggregation of Cloud and IT services and aims to empower MSPs to support enterprises on digital transformation. Also, speed them up from shifting traditional solutions to Cloud, also to utilize and manage Cloud efficiently.

OnePro Cloud 

Ecosystem for sure; I can clearly remember one of my customers told me that “We have heaps of vendors around us, but in the IT new normal, we need a partner who thinks and works with us on the same page, helps us aggregating resources for solutions.” Apparently, on the Cloud Computing megatrend, a single vendor is not able to provide a comprehensive solution to satisfy customer needs. MSP is a very important partner to its customers. We position ourselves as the MSP of MSPs, help them uncovering and strengthening their capabilities, and believe in growing and leveraging the ecosystem can make the ride smoother while run faster.

Success Combines visionPerseverance, and Resilience

“A clear vision, perseverance, and swift action to tackle unexpected challenges are the essential ingredients, especially in the fast-moving IT industry,” says Michael.

As per Michael, as a business leader, having a clear vision to drive the team toward the same goal is absolutely critical. However, the road to success is never smooth even though one has a crystal-clear vision, there are always ups and downs, so having the courage and capabilities to rectify the situation after an unsuccessful attempt definitely helps the business and the team evolve over time. He also adds, in a dynamic market, leaders should make the changes as opportunities to step up and transform.

Challenges as a Start-up 

In China, there are thousands of startups founded every day. In the past few years, the to-C startup was the leading trend; VCs prioritized funding those fast turnover unicorn projects. On the other hand, to-B and infrastructure-focused startups didn’t draw that much of their attention at that time. According to Michael, OnePro Cloud is a kind of startup that is not going to be short-term, it takes years to grow and mature, therefore finding like-minded investors with the same vision is very important, and it is very challenging too. He asserts, “We learned a great lesson from that, we realized that as a Cloud solution and service provider, putting 200% focus on R&D is just not enough, the product won’t sell itself, we need to nurture the market, let the market shows our value is the confidence booster to the investors.” 

Hybrid Cloud Services 

OnePro Cloud’s two main product lines are HyperMotion® and HyperOneTM; both are designed for Cloud migration and management respectively.

  • HyperMotion® is a self-developed cross-platform migration tool (to and away from Cloud). It provides superior automation and governance experiences through many different functions to enhance workload mobility and ease the complex migration process. It enables users to complete migration in only 3 simple steps via an intuitive user interface.
  • HyperOneTM is an intelligent IT service management platform comprised of different modules to address MultiCloud management requirements. It provides a “single-pane-of-glass” approach across multiple Cloud platforms, enables enterprises to achieve operational excellence through a unified platform.

A Positive and Collaborative Workplace 

Michael acts as a navigator for the team, guiding them through the dynamic and difficult market. One of his main responsibilities is to scan the environment, constantly be prepared, and lead the team to respond quickly to a changing business scenario.

OnePro Cloud follows open workplace culture, and employees connect and support one another. Because the teams have good communication, Michael never has to motivate his colleagues in a particular direction; instead, everyone motivates each other.

The company organizes team-building activities from time to time to bring everyone closer, to reinforce the value of having fun in the workplace, and also reinforce the values and vision of the company.

Michael says, “We have a regular casual meeting to sync up the team. My staffs never feel stress about the meeting. They take it as the time for a catch-up and sharing, rather than performance measurement. Our trick to foster such an open and positive culture is we don’t always hire the best-experienced candidate, but the one who best fits our company culture. I and all the team heads never micromanage the staff we all have a self-managing mentality.”  

Work-Life Balance; as a CEO and Father 

“Life is totally different since I started OnePro Cloud although time is more flexible. It doesn’t mean life is easier. Technically I work 7 days a week,” says Michael. He starts his day earlier in the morning with a quick coffee, then spends 45 minutes exercising to feel more energized throughout the day.

As a CEO, Michael finds work-life balance is not easy to achieve, especially with frequent travel. But now he is trying to limit his travel and try to leave office no later than 7:30 pm to make some time for his family. Michael has two 8-year-old twin girls and feels guilty to miss some precious moments during their baby times. As he states, “I had no choice because startup took up the majority of my hours at that time. As the company is getting more stable, so I can spend good hours with my girls during weekends. I love music, and I play guitar, maybe my twin inherited my music genes one of them plays piano, while the other plays drums. The little live band session at home is the most enjoyable moment for my family we all have fun.”

Covering Asia Market before Extending for the World 

COVID-19 ruined traditional IT planning and turned enterprises’ digital transformation to full speed with no hesitation. Enterprise digitalization cannot live without an agile, flexible hybrid Cloud foundation and also the MSP partners. Leveraging MSPs’ services and automation tools is the right track to commence, scale, and optimize important aspects of Cloud operations. MSP’s demand is rising dramatically; many traditional system integrators (SI) are transforming themselves to become qualified MSP so that they can help themselves as well as their customers to tap the trend. However, capabilities acquisition is their key pain point of transformation. According to Michael, the company stands at MSP’s back, offering them hybrid infrastructure management tools and an automated operation platform, enabling them to manage digitalization underlay effectively so that they can focus on helping their customers on the overlay applications. He says, “Our goal is to cover the majority of MSPs in China a couple of years from now.” 

In between, OnePro Cloud team has built few key customers in Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore last year. The company visions to grow the Asia market further in 2022. Those in Asia, according to the company’s perspective, have different demands than customers in the US and Europe, and vendor preferences are also different. So it will take Asia market expansion as the first solid step before extending its arm to the global market.