Small Steps to Prevent Global Warming Generate Huge Results

Global warming

Global warming is on the rise and planet is set to an increase of 1.5 degrees of global warming by the time we enter 2030. It is time to take some serious measures now in order to curb it, said a United Nations report. With awareness increasing these days, there are already numerous steps taken to reduce global warming however we need to gear up and do more than that to get effective results. In order to reduce carbon footprint and control climate change there are a few effective ways that have been introduced that might take you by surprise.

Firstly, we need to change our eating habits as listed by the Project Drawdown Group. Throw away less food, eat plant heavy diet, cook over clean stoves and compost your waste. Secondly, bring about a change in our commuting practices. Drive an electric car, ship goods more effectively, fly less, and invest in high speed trains. If just 16% of the miles we drive were traveled in an electric-powered vehicle instead of a gas-powered one, it could keep 10 gigatons of carbon emissions out of the air. Thirdly, we can take small steps by ourselves. They say charity begins at home, well it sure does. Switch to LED lightbulbs, design more walkable cities, use smart thermostats and install green roofs. LED lightbulbs cost more, but they use far less energy and installing smart thermostats can also offer major climate benefits. Fourthly, electricity use. We can harness wind energy on land, build solar farms, invest in nuclear powers and capture the power of the waves.

Apart from this there are a few more steps like how we use our land in terms of plantation, material and waste management, managing refrigeration chemicals etc. If we take a step today, we can secure tomorrow.